Quarter Of A Century + 1 Maret 2014


With Sadatoshi San - My Managing Director :D

Yep! I can't believe it is another 'milestone' ~ Quarter of A Century + 1 year :)

Gosh! I do feel old working in the same organisation for such a long time. Having said that, a sense of deja vu perhaps? You tell me but I chose to reckon that some how I did 'add value' to where I am working now so ya....... Just bring on the champagne folks :D

Anyhooo......if you ask why stay so loyal to my organisation that's because besides the job satisfaction, I have understanding superiors and great camaraderie with my colleagues so what more can I ask right?

Hmmm....let me see, by half a century I'll be.......???? Kekekekek..........not counting but just counting my blessings for sure :D
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