Scenes of Helsinki Maret 2014

When we first stepped foot in Helsinki was back in 1990 during our honeymooooooooo.....yes, you bet that was a long time ago.

We crossed the Russian border of St. Petersburg after touring Russia, I remembered being stopped by the Russian Officer because my feature did not match the one shown on my passport....yes, it was a terrifying experience ;(

I remembered those days when my international tour buddies were praying for my safe return to the coach bus because the officers at the Russian border were all armed.

No worries, I was safe when a Senior Russian Captain of some sort came, looked me into the and sent me off to my tour mates ;)....Whew!! What an experience.

Once we crossed over to the Finnish border, my tour guide exclaimed "Welcome to Civilisation!" and I couldn't understand what he meant then.....I only knew the air in Finland was crisp & fresh :D

We fell in love with Helsinki back in those days and joked that this would be the perfect place to migrate too ;-)

But I didn't realise that I was given the rare opportunity to visit Helsinki when I attended the ASEM meeting back in Year 2006.

I felt nostalgic walking along the streets of Helsinki and trying to remember places I've visited in 1990.

I remembered this church so well ...... I wish D was with me then.....

Still, Helsinki draws us back again this time with D going on a training stint :)
I wish I can go along with him coz I've been missing him already ;(

I am happy that this time with his longer period of stay, he would be able to immerse into the Finnish culture and get to appreciate the historical buildings all over Helsinki.
The hustle and bustle of the train station and most importantly I hope he'll get to travel to other parts of Finland too.

During the leg of our honeymoon tour, we went on board the Silja Line to take the over night tour to Stockholm so it meant a lot to me when I took this shot ;)

I hope D is having a good time enjoying his stay and gaining the expertise & knowledge too.

Gosh, I am missing him aleady and I hope I get to go with D to one of our favourite place called Helsinki :D

*Hint hint*......Eh...Dar, you got that :D
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