My Kindergarten Maret 2014

I know I am a pretty sentimental gal and just felt nostalgic about my kindergarten ;)

Let's see, that would set me back to about 39 years ago...oh gosh...has it really been that long?

Of course back in the 60s, it is not as colourful and creative. I remembered there were only two classes in the morning session and two in the afternoon.

By the way, this is a very old neighbourhood with so many moving out that the kindergarten is no longer operating for many years.

We stayed on the 7th floor and my Mother would bring me down to class and fetch me back after class dismissal at about 12 pm.

Parents and caregivers always congregated just outside the gate waiting to fetch the children from this kindergarten.

But one day, my Mother was late and I remembered crying so loudly I bet she could literally hear me from the apartment above heheheheh...

Anyway, in a year or so, the whole neighbourhood is going to be en bloc so I'm glad I took this picture to remind me of my fun-filled childhood in this wonderful place :D

Happy Thanksgiving Folks :D
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