Airshow Took Off :D Maret 2014

I have been one lucky Gal to be invited to the Singapore Airshow and boy oh boy..... I was awestruck!!

Although being the privileged few not having to jostle with the public, I was hoping that my family would be able to join in the fun with me.

Hmmm.....the fighter pilot almost 'took me off' the ground if not for my official portfolio today heheheh......

Finally, a close-up with our very own Chinook and the Air force Pilot besides being charming, macho was friendly to go through the technicality of the aircraft. Oh Boy....did I mention that I love men in uniformed? No?? Yes?? Never mind...I do ;)
Seriously, the Marines from the US Air force were just as macho..... Eh..I mean their F16s and Stealths were impressive too.

That's the closest I ever get to this folks.

Private jet anyone? I can't afford the hefty price-tag for sure but I just 'spent' millions simply by blinking my eyes ;D

Isn't she a cool Babe?

More air crafts folks and sorry I don't know any of the model much. It was scorching hot on this day but I can see that the enthusiasm took over the heat for all the visitors.

That's the best 'distance' I can cover for the airshow coz my zoom is limited ;D

It was a thunderous performance of the airshow and I think couple of sore necks for some now.

One more for the road folks.....I wish I could bring you all to an Airshow next time.

Have you been to one? Air crafts or Air force Pilots???? Just kidding :D
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