'Sinfully' Good Maret 2014

I am not sure about you folks but I always crave for chocolate ;)

Certainly I am always quick to blame it on my hormone hahahahahh........ ;)

Anyhooo...... as I've mentioned before my house never run out of chocolates, all assortments such as milk, nuts, raisins and dark reserved for D :)

So imagine our screams and delights when D came back from Finland with the Fazer Classic Chocolates!!!

Lots of them and it is much fun & great family bonding I must say when all us pick and chose the different assortment whether it is fudge
, nuts, cranberry etc.

Sorry run out of Fazer but my fridge is always 'guest-ready' with chocolates ;D
What's always in your fridge folks?

Have a good weekend and yes I know I won't forget my work-out :D
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