Betrothal Maret 2014

Yo folks!!! We are very happy that my younger Brother & Ai Tee will be getting married at the end of February.

But before the auspicious day....two weeks ago, the betrothal ceremony was held between the two families.

Betrothal is also known as 'Guo Da Li' is one of the important event in the Chinese Wedding. In fact, without this the custom is considered invalid especially to the elderly.

This gesture has its meaning to prove the sincerity towards the marriage between the two families and promises of taking care of the bride :)

From what I know, in the ancient China, the value of the betrothal gifts also determine the financial statues of the groom.
Today being an auspicious day by both of the families, my family (groom side) prepared the gifts based on the bride's family requirement.

Below, you'll get to see the betrothal gifts which we have prepared together with the help of my Aunty:

Pin Jin (Angpow - $$$ which is a gesture by my Mother)
Pig trotters (replaced by can pig trotters) - 48 cans & four different types of traditional candies.
Martell - 2 bottles

Oranges - 28 pieces

One pair of Dragon & Phoenix candles of which the Phoenix will be returned to us. On the night before their wedding day, a 'combing' ceremony will be held and the candles will be light up in each respective household.
As you can see all the goodies were properly packed and ready to set off to Ai Tee's house.
The red packet is placed on top of the traditional wedding basket together with the oranges.

All were pasted with the double happiness stickers. It was fun shopping for the wedding items at the specialty wedding shop :D

A big double happiness sticker on top of the basket cover.

When we arrived with all the goodies, Ai Tee's relatives placed them on the table for a simple prayer ceremony.

Upon receiving, the bride's family will return some of the items back to us. For example, instead of collecting 48 boxes of cakes and 48 cans of pig trotter, they will return 10 of each to us.

Likewise for the ang pow packet, half of the $$$ will also be returned meaning good beginning and happy ending to matrimonial reunion :D

Not only that, look at what was given for the new couple.

As you can see, there are new sets of everything from basic toiletries to bedsheets, pillow, luggage etc. I was so impressed :D

Take a closer look folks....soap boxes, cologne, toothbrush & toothpaste plus a very traditional face powder :D

After the betrothal ceremony, let's eat folks....these are our very own tradition assortment of cakes. I missed these cakes as I remembered having cakes like these were a luxury back in the 70s.
After all the exchanging of gifts between the two families, we went for prayer to our ancestors before wedding invitation cards are distributed to all relatives & friends.

I am so happy to see them getting married and I was glad that this tradition is still being practise at my generation. I hope this stays forever ;D

I hope you have all enjoyed a part of our culture folks :)

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