Hakka Earth Building Maret 2014

I might be a Singaporean but deep down, a traditional Hakka girl ;)

I have always been intrigued by the Hakka ancestral house as well as exploring the essence of Hakka tradition wherever possible.

After hearing so much about the Hakka Earth Building (Tu Lou) from my Father, I knew this was the place to visit and I'm not disappointed at all.

I cannot imagine back in those days, about 80 families actually resided inside this round fortress with only one entrance which is well ventilated and we were told, a majestic strong building that prevented the enemies from attacking them.

Here you see a rectangular Hakka earth Building, this place we visited in Yong Ding is the Hakka Village that houses all types of Tu Lou.

Inside the building, the ground level is very much being commercialized with all the souvenir shops as well as tea houses and it was a shame not being able to visit the 2nd & 3rd level and feel the pulse of the villagers still residing there.

Still, time literally stood still for me probably because I read and saw the documentary on the lives of the Hakka people. it because I am very much a Hakka ;D

Surprisingly the well is still being used by the people there, I'm totally awe by this :D It was refreshing to say the least.

I might be a city-dweller folks but when i visited, I 'connected'. Period.

I was hoping that some folks living above would just signal me to visit them in their household, that would be awesome.

A young artist painting one of the Tu Lou across the river.

All over the Hakka village, the drying of mustard greens is scattered all over available spots. I bought some for my Mom after the visit.

If ever you do visit China, do visit the Fujian Tu Lou which have been inscribed in Year 2008 by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Site.

Welcome to a slice of my Hakka heritage folks :D
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