Bali Bali Bali :D Maret 2014

Now in Bali after a short flight from Singapore last night :)

I was in Bali back in 1997 when I was four month's pregnant with Shan and so in a way I felt pretty nostalgic about this trip.
The only thing is that this is a working cum leisure with my Committee and not with D so it sure makes a lot of difference I must say LOL.

By the time we (10 of us) checked in at The Haven, this was the sight that welcomed us :)

Very cozy....very romantic....Ahhh how I missed my D.

And look at this folks!!! Right outside my balcony a lovely pool beckon but alas.....a full day meeting is very much on the agenda today.

But, no worries coz after a full day meeting, me gonna go on a shopping spree for the next two days hehehee.....

Hope to snap more pictures of Bali soon but do check out this lovely hotel...The Haven at
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