Bali Camaraderie Maret 2014

Do you know that sometime, official travelling trips could bring the best out of a friendship or even to a team?

On my official meeting to Bali with my team of 9 male comrades, the camaraderie was outstanding despite a few hiccups throughout our stay.

The teamwork, long hours and sheer dedication on the second day of our trip gained full marks from me as the Secretary of this Committee and I'm sure my Chairman shared the same sentiment too.

We worked hard and we played hard after a day of brain-storming and discussion. I just followed my guys to a full spread of fresh seafood along the beaches that night.

It was pretty romantic to have live band serenading to all the diners on this beach.

Now this is pretty cool, street food along the beaches and I missed those yummy corns :)

Corns & steamed peanuts, great snacks for all on this breezy night....actually not that windy on this night.

The next day we went on a tour to Ubud which is situated in the middle of Bali to visit the terrace rice padi fields.

Luckily the rain stopped when we stopped over for a cuppa, the guys were all having a good time snapping photos and enjoying their local coffee & snack.

Fresh from the padi field :D

Bet you wouldn't believe that this is actually a boat kite! I marvel at their craft & skill and was told by my friend Vincent that it actually flies ;D

More colourful butterfly kites :D

What about this? Looks like a dragon to me.

Next we visited a Hindu Temple and this is where the locals bathe in the spring water for blessing good luck.

Another shot of the sacred spring bath.
As a mark of respect, all visitors must put on the batik sarong if one is wearing shorts.
On this date of our visit, the whole contingent from the village went on their march to this temple for a prayer ceremony.
The offerings placed by the Balinese on this day.
Some local statues all over this temple and we saw many locals going about their ritual.
This is a hearty nasi (rice) with all the crackers, eggs, vegetables and mini spring rolls.

My friend Vincent tried their famous Balinese crispy duck.

There, my trip with my guys and I'm glad all had a fruitful discussion and most importantly it has strengthen all our friendship.

Also, very important that the guys noted that I am not the avid shopper afterall, the two brothers did a better job than me hehehheh...

Last but not least, thank you guys for taking care of me and for 'holding my hands' when we crossed the busy busy streets of Bali :D
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