Brother's Birthday Maret 2014

Hey I'm back from Bali but before I share some photos, just wanna wish my Younger Brother Happy Birthday :D

Tomorrow is my Younger Brother's 28th Birthday but couple of weeks ago during our family gathering, we gave him a surprise :D

As he is an ardent Liverpool fan, we specially ordered the sinfully chocolately cake from Creative Culinaire and they came up with this novel design.

I remembered the next day there was a match between Liverpool and Chelsea so we came up with this fantastically desired scores :D

Oops! Sorry if you are not a Liverpool fan folks ;O
Brandon taking a shot before we sang the birthday song.

As Brother was not aware that we are hosting the surprise for him, we deliberately asked him to ran an errand downstairs.

Within that moment, we get the balloons and party poppers ready and turned off all the lights to pitch darkness.

When he came back, everyone shouted "SURPRISE!!" straight to his face and everyone had a good time!!

Lots of home-cooked food for everyone and it was a big feast for everyone, not forgetting Aunty Amy was with us then.

I ordered the popiah* set too and everyone had fun making their own.

My big fat popiah bursting with dash of chilli there :)

Jayden & Jaycus having a blast with the rest of the cousins in their room, they looked cheeky right? :)

There you have it, the younger generation of the family here coz the seniors were all watching the TV in the hall.

There....a Birthday Celebration for my Brother and I wish him health & happiness always :D

*Popiah - The skin is made from wheat flour (like a tortila wrap) and the filling is filled with turnips, plus other ingredients such as lettuce, beansprouts, eggs and shrimps. A healthy snack :D
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