Ageing Gracefully Maret 2014


Hmmmm........we can't stop the ageing process but I think it is important to age gracefully :)

Yesterday I have a shock of my life when I saw my male colleague (L) who is older than me by two years.

He simply 'let go'....... bald in the middle with messy grey hair, not forgetting his sloppy over-size T-shirt and dirty company pants.

I know of guys who are bald yet maintain the charisma with no qualm of balding in the middle - now that's sassy to say the least ;D

Coming back to L, I think he was just as shock when I saw him in this state *sigh*. matter how old we are, I think it is important to age gracefully couple with healthy life-style and positive disposition.

I hope L will 'wake up' and the least he could do is to comb his hair, dress well and not be so sluggish.

So there, ageing gracefully into our sunset years is important :D
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