Nice Stuff from Istanbul Maret 2014

Some really nice stuff from Istanbul and hope it captures some of the essence of Turks' delight for sure :)

As most of you already know, I have a collection of bells, thimbles and plates from the places I visited and look what I bought folks.

I put my negotiation skills to good use with this shop keeper whom I bought my souvenir items. Somehow, even though I knew some items are a ripped-off I don't hagger too much really.

Some really nice ceramic plates and I was in two minds as I browsed through the shop as I wasn't sure which to choose from.

And look at these colourful bowls, just as pretty :D

More souvenirs from Istanbul.

The shop keeper wanted $5 lira (Turkish currency) for one and I told him, here in Singapore it is three for S$10 for the same type of material and he relented :D

Couldn't resist showing you the Turkish Delight, some coated with more icing sugar than the rest but shake it off a little bit and it tastes just right.

My room with a beautiful seaview at the Sheraton Atakoy Istanbul - Fantastic!! :D Luv the cozy stay.

To know a country better is to take a walk at their supermarket.....I was overwhelmed and look at the different types of chillis. The colours!!!!

Now what about the olive oil!!! Hmmm.....I regretted not buying a carton of their olive oil home.

Over at the Blue Mosque Square, there are alot of carts selling promengranate juice and I have never seen such a big promengranate here in Singapore.

They were selling the juice at $5 lira which I think is a bit too expensive but it seems most people don't mind paying to quench their thirst.

Look what's my bargain folks - 4 promengranate at $2.80 lira at the supermarket :D Good Buy!!

I hope you've enjoyed some nice stuff from Istanbul :D

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