Turkish Delight Maret 2014

Turkish Delight anyone? :D

Yep, I was delighted and charmed by Istanbul and more so by yummilious Turkish Delight indeed.

I thought it would be too sweet for me but the ones with pistachio nuts are really nice.

I have yet again been most privileged to attend the ICEM Chemical Industries Conference in Istanbul held over two days and definitely an enriching trip to say the least.

A total of 250 delegates from 69 countries attended this conference to share the chemical experiences as well as coming together to strengthen global solidarity.

Guess what? Met Mr. Okajima from Japan who happens to be the cousin of my Japanese Boss here in Singapore. Now how cool is that?? He was once a visitor to my company too.

Some friends from Indonesia & Malaysia and we promised to establish network once we get back home to Singapore.

I did not do Turkey 'much justice' because of the limited time that I had but I'm glad I visited the famous Blue Mosque which is also known as Sultanahmet.

One never failed to spot the six minarets even from afar but somehow I think the blue tiles take it's toil under the weather.

I was able to enter into the square but unfortunately not able to view the worshipping as prayers were going on inside.

I wish I have more time to sit and soak in the mood of the worshippers as well as the charm it oozes for the people visiting the lovely square.

The ever famous Turkish shopping district of Taksim Square where I bought my Turkish Delight.

The day when I arrived back I heard news that 15 people were injured as a result of an attack by a suicide bomber!!

Right at this very place where I had just visited on a Tuesday and it saddens me that a place for everyone to relax, shop & have fun have to be destroyed by someone with an ulterior agenda :*(

I wish Istanbul well on the road to recovery and with so many other places to visit in Turkey, I think I'll be back someday with my love ones again :D
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