Touch Base Maret 2014

Hiya!!! Shiong ska Betty la So Shiok is still here!!

Just want to touch base with blogsphere after a hiatus of almost five months. How time flies!

Still lots on my plate, still going strong - mentally that is can't say too much about physical though hehehe....

Personally, I am keeping well and giving the support and blessings to my family which is important.

Sometimes 'feathers do get ruffle' and like any other families, there are some 'storm in the teacup' which I think is most unproductive and spoilt the dynamics of the family.

Oh's ok, I am here to spread some positive vibes around ya :D (That's why mental wellness is so important for me :D)

Anyway..... been around catching up and glad to see that all is doing well and blogging good :D

I'll stay tune and hope you'll come by to say Hi too :D

Muack!!! :D
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