Beijing Kite Maret 2014

It is easy to buy a gift for a friend if you know their hobbies or interests so I am really glad I bought a kite from Beijing for Vincent.

He tagged me on Facebook as it was his first trip out with his boys after continuous rain for the past few weeks so it works!!

It was soaring and I am glad that it brought some cheers to him and his family.

Vincent is a proud young father of two and the only time we really get to know each other better is through the union.

He came in as a young unionist and I saw just how driven he was not just on industrial relation but just as motivated in advancing his career in the petrochemical sector.

Eager to learn and contribute plus full of initiatives and I think given enough time and opportunities, he would be a very good union leader.

Anyway, an avid cyclist among his peers, it is amazing that he balances time well with his family and I will always remembered once after an official luncheon in a fine-dining restaurant, he took the trouble to bring his wife to this restaurant just so that his wife gets to enjoy the good food and ambience :) - that is a very thoughtful gesture.

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