Pals in Buenos Aires Maret 2014

Before I post anything about the ICEMWorld Congress....I just have to share the night I spent with blog pal - Paula K and her family (Daniel & Tatiana) in Buenos Aires :)
I got to know Paula through Ily and when I was here in Bueons Aires...I dropped her a comment that 'Paula..I'm here in Buenos Aires!'

So kind Paula emailed me and she is such an Angel.....together with her hubby they drove to the Hilton and we met....we embraced friendship now not such online - so cool :D
I have been so lucky to be able to see more of Buenos Aires with about 30 minutes drive out of the city to Tigre - island delta zone along the river.

A river taxi :D
The river was buzzling with lots of activities - people rowing boats, commerical boats as well as speed boats and it was a nice walk with some breeze.
Paula with her radiant smile :D

There are parks along the river bank and across the road, lots of restaurants and martime museum too if I am not wrong.

Some real artifacts scattered along the park.

Lovely palm tree which reminded me of this is for your Tina!!! :D
Not many diners yet at this restaurant but Paula did share that people usually stream in after 9 pm or even later.

Paula brought me to a very nice restaurant -
Maria del Lujan and we sat outside to enjoy the cool breeze :)

I had this hearty hearty chicken with potatoes and followed by warm apple pie with ice-cream - yummy yummy :DHere Paula and her pretty daughter Tatiana, she came with Daniel after my dinner with Paula and I was told she got a treat from her Dad because she scored really well in her German so way to go Tati :D

Once again, thank you Paula, Daniel & Tati for your warm hospitality and embracing new friendship.

I will never forget the wonderful gesture extended to me and I will never forget Buenos Aires!!

I love Argentina and half way across the globe Paula & Daniel - you have a friend in me here in Singapore :D

Love to my Argentine friends always!!!
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