Conquered 3.2 km ~ Yeah! Maret 2014

It has been almost three months since I last jogged.

There was this phobia of me hurting my hand as a result of vigorous running.

Surprise! Surprise!

I 'conquered' 3.2 km in about half an hour and it was oh So SHIOK :D

My 'old faithful' running shoes 'lifted' my feet oh so light that I literally ran like a sprinter kekek....not kidding.
I knew it was mind over matter and oh, Bon Jovi kept me company throughout the jog ya! Thanks buddy :D

Apart from burning those calories, I knew jogging is only right for me to continue exuding my positive vibes and for my future mileage in life.

So Yes! Bring Them On!!! I hope I have motivated all of you to hit the running track or gym :D
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