I love GPS :) Maret 2014


In a small country like Singapore it would be 'extravagant & useless' to install the Global Positioning System (GPS) in your vehicle.......Oops maybe some new driver really needed it coz maybe their sense of bearing is err...not so good ya!

To us, GPS is our "Guiding Angel" that guided us to the correct route along all the interstates and small roads especially driving through the canyons in search of arches in MOAB more so when night falls came early in the afternoon.

I love to hear "...... 0.7 mile.....arriving at destination on right...." :D Music to my ears as I know my Dar drove us safely to our next destination in good old USA ;)

Did you install one in your car? I just love GPS ;)
I love GPS :) Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5