L-O-N-G Overdue!!! Maret 2014

Whew! Whew! Whew!

My Sincere Apologies Please!!!

I know this is long long overdue and a very Happy Belated New Year's Greetings to all you lovely patient blog buddies :D

I'm glad to be alive & kicking :D

This is 'Complete' - Our Shadow! MY Family!!

Do hear me out as some of you were not told about the experience we had in the US.

Yes, we did went on a family vacation last November and a trip well planned by D. Unfortunately this is 'To Expect The Unexpected' I did not :(

We did a 'medical tourism' this time in New Jersey and thanks to the efficiency of the medical team, the fire department plus the police force, all from Boonton in New Jersey we 'survived' the ordeal.

We were involved in a car accident at a road junction (luckily not in freeway) and I suffered a fracture in my right hand (That's why I was not able to mobilize my hand).

The images in front of me at the incident sight was too fast that next thing I knew I was sitting in the emergency room and went into operation next day with my right hand in a heavy cast.

Time stood still for me literally that frightful week in New Jersey :'(

Time stood still for me literally to enter an insightful journey of my life - nothing is more important than having your family by your side.

A narrow escape? You Bet!

A slow shave? Absolutely!

Although suffered an injury, our family ties grew stronger and we cherished the bond with each other through adversity.

Back to Home Sweet Home in December and continued follow-up treatment till now. Able to move all my fingers now except experiencing stiff joint since I was immobile since Nov.

Yes, this is a Happy Shadow of My Family and I'm glad to be back in action as the saying goes.....The Show Must Go On!!!

Thank you Dear Blog Pals for your lovely emails to me, your well-wishes and prayers not forgetting all your lovely comments ~ I sincerely appreciate them :D

Hugs & Kisses Always! ~ Shionge from So Shiok Is Back :D

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