New Jersey Maret 2014

New Jersey was not part of our itinerary at all, we were supposed to travel to Niagara Falls via New Jersey.

We were stuck in NJ for a week after my hand surgery as I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Ross Fox (Another post about him......he is such an angel ;D)

Besides 'soaking' in my own misery & pain, I began to appreciate the peace and tranquility of NJ. We stayed in Days Inn over in Parsippany, yes it was cold at night but the different shades and colours of the trees along the freeway just took my breathe away.

I must confess that it was an uphill task sitting inside the car again that week. Then again, it means being 'crippled' if we don't have wheels to move around too.

So because of my medical review in Denville, Millburn & Morristown I get to see more of NJ.

We experienced SNOW :D It was snowing when we continued our trip to Niagara Falls and the girls were jumping with joy!!!

We hugged each other despite the ordeal we went through in NJ :D Despite the pain, there were tears of joy to see everyone so happy.

We were jubilant as we cruised along the freeway snapping pictures of the snow covered freeway ~ it was therapeutic :D Now I know what it means to soak in a winter wonderland.

No trip is complete without a visit to Walmart & Target of course and we been to so many that I've lost count on the goodies that we bought. Yep! Chewing gum as with Goobles is on the pushcart hehehe.....

And of all people in big old America, we bumped into Denise in Walmart (Denville) :D

Our car 'kissed' each other at the road junction and yes, she hurt her knee and imagine we were both in ER waiting for our X-Rays to be done.

Although it was nasty to have met this way, I am glad we are friends now and can't wait that one day she'll visit me in Singapore.

So hey, now you get to see my 'boxing glove' ya? Yes, now I can laugh about it and let me tell you folks, it was heavy! I have to stretch and pull most of my clothing in order to fit in my big 'white glove'

Oh..... now you finally get to see my red spectacles too heheheh....I went without my contact lens for about three months now so there......

My swollen pinkie and just before Dr. Fox performed the surgery to insert the K-wires, he gave me an 'autograph' ~ I was so honoured :D

Just kidding!! He just wants to make sure the medical team knew which finger is suppose to be the one to 'cut'

After that week in NJ, Dr. Fox gave the all clear to continue our trip in America as the K-wires have to stay for six weeks or more.

So there.....the 'glove' was taken off and a plastic splint was 'tailored-made' for me to protect my wrist and little pinkie.

Yep! I chose pink plastic splint :D

Well, everybody is going to look at my arm anyway so I'll just wear it in style by choosing HOT PINK :D

To me, NJ is more than my 'speed bump' plus beautiful sights and everything nice. It was the encountered with all the wonderful people whom we met that leave an everlasting memory.

I love New Jersey and I hope to visit someday soon :D

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