Perfect '10' Maret 2014

Ten years ago on this very day, I was 'heavily' pregnant feeling clumsy and fatigue sets in easily.

I remembered D was working night shift and I was alone with my elder girl (four years old then) and a live-in maid.

I couldn't sleep that night, I struggled out of bed many times to 'clear the bladder' and getting worried as the visits to the loo were fast and furious which was most disturbing to say the least.

At about 0500 hrs, my last trip to the toilet and went back to bed. Lo & behold, the 'flood gate' was ruptured. My water bag burst!!

Water gushed out quickly and I smell 'trouble' as I knew baby just kicked her way out of Mummy's tummy.

Frantic calls were made to hubby and relatives, I was rushed to hospital in no time at all ......... I was worried about baby's condition during that mad rush (gush?) heheheh....

Today, some ten years later.......

What you have now ten years later? My baby Shania is no longer a baby, she is Ten today!! Perfect 10, wonderful 10 and more 10s to come :D

She has been an active baby inside my womb and I could literally 'feel' her side kicks all the time. It seems like only yesterday when I just cuddled her in my arms......aiyo time really flies ya!

Busy day today as she celebrated her Birthday with all her best friends from school - all the '10s' heheheh.....

Happy Birthday Sweetie :D May all your wishes come true and may you continue to bring us bundle of joy year after year, love you much :D

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