Comrade of Labour Award Maret 2014

Happy May Day Folks!! :D

To many, May Day is a public holiday but being a Unionist for so many years since 1986, I've seen the 'transformation' and agenda on the card changed.

It was an uphill task when I first started out as I witnessed the 'power-struggle' among union leaders and uncooperative management. It was hard formulating policies but dealing with MNC and working closely with NTUC (National Trade Union Congress) and the Ministry of Manpower our Union was formed.

Oh well, not gonna go in dept but the initial 'struggle' was over and the challenge now really is how to change the mindset of workers going for skill upgrading and be thankful for the job opportunity...... you see we are facing the challenge of ageing workforce ya.

Having 'walked' through this journey I am thankful for the opportunity given to me at national platform to air & voice members' concern when it comes to shaping the overall government rules & policies.

I just wanna shared that I am indeed honoured to receive the Comrade of Labour Award 2008 two days ago during the May Day Dinner at Suntec Convention Centre.

"This award is conferred to deserving trade unionists who have a minimum of 15 years of continuous service to the trade union movements and have made contributions to their unions and are still active in their executive committees."

I am so happy that my hard work and contribution to the labour movement have been duly recognised :D

I am equally appreciative of the support & confidence given to me by my Exco Leaders, Management as well as my Union Members. I have to thank my significant half for being supportive in all the time spent with my fellow unionists. So in a way I want to share my award with everybody :D

Look at this candid photo shot of me in the NTUC Citation 2008 ..... I looked so 'cheeky' right? I had so much fun when I went for the photo shoot last month. Alvin (the photographer) cracked me up all the time during the shoot and this gesture was made when Alvin asked what I enjoyed doing and I told him playing mahjong hence that gesture ;)

The effort given to all Awardees truly made all of us feel so special and it certainly drives and motivate all of us to continue the harmonious labour and management relationship within each of our union.

We have a unique tripartism model and in the spirit of May Day we should all uphold the truly Singapore spirit of Tripartism hehehe.....

Having said all that, Happy May Day to all :D

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