Curtin 13th Intake Maret 2014

It has been five years since I got my Bachelor together with my classmates from the 13th Intake.

Funny how back in those days of juggling work & family we still managed to meet every week for class projects.

After graduation, it seems like a great effort to arrange a get-together for everyone to meet ;(

This is our last class photo immediately after our last exam paper back in March 2003 ~ A big rock finally lifted from our shoulder.

That charming guy you see here is Lam (I teased him Ah Lamb heheheh) ~ He is two of the 'thorns' in this class of roses :)

It was with a tinge of sadness that after graduation, we all went our separate ways to pursue different careers and some stayed in touch or others just disappeared in action ;(

What sadden me most really is that two of my classmates passed away during this short span of five years *sniff*

Doug is one of my favourite professor, he is just like the Papa to all the ladies in class :)

I remembered being the most outspoken student in class hence always 'arrowed' to be the leader for the group hehehe....

I am so happy that recently I manage to keep in touch with my old classmates and I'm so ready to organise a class reunion for my 13th intake :D

Who knows.....the next level of life-long learning journey might just begin for some of my friends ya :D

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