Day @ The Museum Maret 2014

I have visited so many museums around the world that I have yet to visit my own 'backyard' so speak.

So having some 'Me-Time', off I went to the Asian Civilisation Museum on a beautiful Saturday morning.

I have procrastinated far too long when the Kangxi Emperor exhibits was in town since early of this year.

When I visited The Forbidden City in Beijing last August 2007, it was under intensive renovation for the preparation of the Beijing Olympic so the museum was closed to the public.

I was so thankful when they extended the opening dates.

I don't know why but have always been intrigued by the rich history of the Chinese dynasties and empires and I suppose largely due to the influence of my Father.

Imagine succeeded the Imperial throne at the tender age of 7 and ruled for a total of 61 years, he had the longest period of rule in the much prosperous Qing Dynasty.

I did not manage to capture any shots inside as no camera is allowed but I did walk away enriching myself in part of the ancient history of China. I was equally wowed by the number of wives, concubines and children that he had during his reign ;)

Not only did I managed the Kangxi Emperor, I toured around and spent some time at Steve McCurry's The Unguarded Moment.

Some of the photos were shot in places like India, Iran, Afghanistan and the vivid captures of the human spirit were so intense that there were moments when I literally paused to immense myself surrounded by all the photos.

Quote from McCurry : 'If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view.'

The only difference when I visit a museum overseas, everyone respected each other's privacy and speak in a hush tone but on this day, the noise decibel could reach the man from outer space ;(

Ok I walked a bit more and I appreciated the loan from New Delhi the granite sculptures on displayed :)

Another section was the Buddhism exhibits and I am curious as to why only the Buddha head was resting on a large slab of granite with his body all painted out.

A model of the Asian Civilisation Museum and this is a huge place - be prepared to find your way around the different halls.

I had a most satisfying Day @ The Museum, have you visited yours? :D
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