Izzy is ONE :D Maret 2014

Gosh...for some reasons the navigation bar for blogger was gone for most weeks on my screen hence was not able to update my blog.

So I'm very happy to be back :D

Yes, been busy and couple of schedules on hand plus was getting anxious when Bibi came down with a fever with temperature fluctuating that really caused much anguish as a mother.

She is now fully recovered and did her piano exam yesterday so wish her luck folks :D

Isabela Bennett is ONE on 18 July 2009 folks and she is just a darling there :D

Aunty & Uncle, both in their 70s has been my English Godparents so to speak ever since I was a teenager.

I corresponded with their Daughter, Karen when we were both 13 years old and when they visited me in 1980 I bonded ever since with her parents :)

We have visited each other so many times that it has always been one of the highlight when we visited them in England, Bibi & Shan enjoyed the stay in their English home as well as the holiday home in Bordeaux ~ Great way to embrace their culture.

As they have practically see Bibi & Shan grow up, we felt the joy as they welcome the arrival of their first Grandchild - Isabela.

As Uncle Bennett is in his 70s, he lamented that he'll never be a Grandfather but look!!! Peter & Fania got married in Year 2007 and Izzy was borned few days before their first anniversary, isn't that sweet?

She is a Darling and I can't wait to hold her in my arms soon :D

I am glad this dress that I bought her fits her beautifully like a Little Princess :)

The 1st Birthday Party over at Peter & Fania's house and we are so looking forward to our next holiday in England soon. *Hint* :D

Happy Birthday once again Sweetie :D
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