Father's Homeland Maret 2014

Sorry for such a long absence, couple of things on my colourful palette and also I find it strange that I was not able to upload my photos last week.

Anyway...I'm Back :D

Whew!!! Is it July already??? Happy 4th July to all my American Friends ya :D Lots of fireworks & celebration going on I bet!! Wish I was there with you chilling out with lots of fun & laughter.

I blogged about my Father's Birthplace ~ the village house where he was borne.

My Younger Brother gave me some of the old photos of Father's Homeland and thought I'll share with all of you :D

Yes, the birthplace is still very much the same and I often wonder now that Father is gone, when would I ever visit again *sigh*

This is the kitchen inside the house, notice the stove on the right. I think we truly appreciate all the kitchen appliances we have right now in our house.

The place where villagers all congregated during the night and I think the only 'modern' item would have to be the baby-walker there ;)

Anyone need the rest room? You'll see that there is no door at all so now I know why an umbrella comes in handy folks.

Don't under-estimate this well as it feeds the entire village so to speak. Isn't it fascinating that this well still works perfectly after all these years?

When I first visited the local market, I was overwhelmed by the sight of dog meat being displayed not to mention wild animals such as snakes, bats among many others.

Not a pleasant sight but that is just part of the culture in Meixian.

The locals buying cold drinks from the make-shift hawker.

No one is gonna miss this tea-shop with all the Chinese letter painted on the pillar ;D

One of the ritual for going back to the village is for the annual ancestral prayer to my Great Grandfather. From here you'll see that graves are situated all over the mountain.

My Great Grandfather's graveyard is high on top the mountain and I began to appreciate my Father's effort in building steps leading towards the mountain top.

In his own humble generosity, my Father donated money to help build the community in Meixian and here he was at the construction site for a school.

Fresh air & sunshine with warmth & sheer human kindness filled the spirit of Father's Homeland and I cherished my short stay with Father here in this remote village of China :D

I hope you have all enjoyed this place as much as I do :D
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