Birthday 2010 Maret 2014

Soon it is going to be 2359 and soon 15 March is officially over.

I wanna thank my D for a lovely buffet dinner treat with the family that send me straight off to the treadmill the next day LOL :)

I wanna thank my Brother for the dim sum treat and lovely perfume from my Sis-in-Law Ai Tee :) Me gonna smell good tomorrow ;)

I wanna thank Ben for the book that'll keep me occupy for the next month or so and hey you are ever so thoughtful :)

I wanna thank each and everyone of my friends for the wonderful gifts & well wishes not forgetting gifts from across the miles. Yep, Dalicia you are on the list and I love all the chocolate babe :)

All are well appreciated and thank you for helping me reach my chocolate quota for the month :D

Here's to myself since no one sang me a Birthday song on my Birth-DAY :D

Happy Birthday to Me......
Happy Birthday to Me......
Happy Birthday to Myself...
Happy Birthday to Me......Gosh Life is Great Folks :D

Now me gonna grab myself a piece of cake tomorrow heheheheh.......
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