He Ain't Heavy :D Maret 2014

Yes, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother :D

Something which not many know is that our age gap is 18 years....yep, you read it correctly, 18 years ;)

I have another older brother which is 2 years my senior so there.... :D

Being Kor Kor (Big Brother ) & Jie Jie (Sister) to him means beside baby-sitting, we changed his diapers, burped him after his milk feed and basically we fussed over him when he was a baby.

And he ain't heavy :)

To me, he's always my Baby Brother and I love him very much. He is a happy go lucky chap with a gold of heart just like my Father and he never says no to anyone of us.

Being the jovial and chirpy fella full of optimism, he is always the nice Jiu Jiu (Uncle) that brings joy to my daughters.

I am so happy when he got married on 28 Feb and I am so happy I have a Sis-in-Law that loves him just as much :D

This is our traditional tea ceremony whereby the bride & groom have to serve the red dates tea to their parents, siblings & relatives.

I saw my Mom wet in the eyes when they knelt to serve her tea and I controlled myself too even though it was tear of joy *sniff*

The only tinge of sadness with me really is that my Father is not around to witness this and be part of the joyous occasion.

Brother being the youngest in the family has been the companion to my aged parents as both my Elder Brother and myself moved out after our wedding.

He has always been the one looking after them when we go about busy with our work and family.

Blessed him and Ai Tee all the best as they embrace their life as husband and wife :D

I love my Brother and my Sis-in-Law folks :D

And me, He Ain't Heavy :D

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