Happy As Can Be :D Maret 2014

Haven't we heard it so often that laughter is the best medicine?

Likewise, it is contagious and I'm smiling at you now folks :)

That aside though, if you think you don't fit in, it could be something wrong with you and not anyone else.

And again, bet you hear this so many times: "They always say time change things but you actually have to change yourself"

Totally unrelated with what I have to say, just one shot from me folks, I believe in nurturing relationship and besides feeling the pulse of my family, my antenna is always out there 'reaching' out to my friends.

So, it is sheer disappointment that there are friends who have a care-less attitude and busy with what's on their plate.

So, being as happy as can be, be it!!!

I don't think I'm gonna waste my time 'chasing & nurturing' a friendship if my friend don't have the time for me.

Meanwhile, I have lots of nurturing to do for my blog buddies :D

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