Jayden The PageBoy :) Maret 2014

Finally Jayden's big show during my Younger Brother's Wedding :D

Together with the rest of the little friends which is Ai Tee's Nieces & Nephews they all looked so adorable :D

Both her nieces are twins folks :D

They were all so nervous with all spotlights and cameras flashing throughout the night when they did the match in, sooooooooooooo cute :)

During the day of the wedding, it is our Chinese tradition to have a young boy to open the wedding car when it reaches the groom's house.

Jayden was tasked to open the wedding car for the Bride, a red packet (Hong Bao) together with two oranges will be handed over to him.

Look at him!!! he was so shy that he turned over after opening the car door, so hilarious!!!

Cuz Brandon (Brandizumi) snapped all the lovey shots on this day and yep, I'll share more in my next post :D

I am so happy for my Brother - John & Ai Tee :D
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