Good Food & Companies Maret 2014

Good food & good companies can never go wrong in a gathering ;D

Yep, it was bonding time at my classmate Lee Lee's house last Sunday and it was a blast!!

Everyone cooked or brought something like a potluck and you'll see the all too familiar pasta which I used to cook all the time for my family.

The good outcome from a potluck event is that you get to learn a new recipe or a discovery of some food so I've got the recipe for this herbal chicken which I intend to try out soon.

It was wine galore for everyone as PW just came back from France with some really good wines. Few bottles not shown here were chilling in the fridge.

Glenn & Hubby have the honour to serve us the white which they brought along and incidentally, Hubby Jonathan is from South France so good wine adviser that day :)

As it was still our Lunar New Year, Ros prepared the yusheng (raw fish salad) for all of us to toss for good luck in the Year of the Tiger.

Her version with slices of mandarin oranges and I think it's really pretty :D

Everyone of us is holding on to some other garnishes such as sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, crackers as traditionally whenever an item is sprinkle over the salad, well wishes & phrases are being said at the same time.

So everyone listen attentively to one of our class monitor, BC.

After all the makan (eating), the ladies getting ready to sing & dance :)

Lee Lee getting ready to play the Gu-zheng and our ever funny BC acted out the scene as she intended to play us a romantic Chinese song.

The finale by Lee Lee before we call it a night and we had such a good time that we are going to make this at least a bi-monthly or quarterly affair to catch up with each other.

Hey, how can I forget this lovely yummilious triple chocolate mars bar chocolate muffin that send me jumping up & down.

Yes, home-baked with compliment from my lecturer's wife, Rebecca. It melts not only in your mouth but your heart & soul too...Trust me :D

I wish you can join in the fun folks ;D
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