Ho Ho Ho Maret 2014

Ho Ho Ho...... (incidentally my family name is HO kekekkekekek.....)

December has always been a frenzy exciting month with Christmas cards and gifts waiting to be sent and getting the guest lists ready as well.

Yep, after three years of hiatus from the Shiong's traditional Guilin BBQ Christmas Party, we are having Party of the Year :D

A friend upon receiving my invitation....replied : "Yeah....the good old time is back!!".

Everyone looked forward to my Christmas BBQ Party including my daughters too and so if I have not visited your blog, I'll go round doing that soon.

Meanwhile, gifts are wrapped, food is under preparation and putting on my thinking hat to have some games for the kids after the BBQ.

So there.......Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas folks and a Blessed New Year 2011 :D

Have fun, Be Merry and remember folks...... If you drink, don't drive hor. Wait traffic police catch ah....don't come find me wor....... we'll be busy BBQQQQQqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq ....:D

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