Great Wall of China (2011) Maret 2014

This is my second trip to the Great Wall of China back in July with D and we scaled the Mutianyu this time.

Funny how awe-struck all over again despite having climbed one back in Year 2007.

Not sure if it is due to my age or prior to flying in to Beijing, I had a bad fall from the bus which resulted in a bruise on my back which is not nice at all.

As a result of that, I was taking my time strolling really and D managed quite a bit of the length right up to the end of the tower.

He was tired after that climb and you can just imagine the hot was scorching hot and boy oh boy.....I was badly burnt which resulted in bad pigmentation :(

As you can see from these shots, this part of the Great Wall was really not 'disturbed' by the buzz and hustle of tourists which we really like. Not sure why but it could be because this being an afternoon and most of them have finished their visit in the morning.

Some more scenes to share folks.

As this was D's first visit, I could sense that he really did wish to spend more time there but as we were on a one-day tour to the Great Wall, there were some limitation.

D was charmed by the Great Wall of China :)
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