SNAPPED!!! Maret 2014

Yes..... I snapped!!

I am not proud of it but within me, I know I am 'dragging' myself despite maintaining a happy disposition.

I have always been an optimistic person and I know there will be things not within my control BUT I ask myself, why do I need a 'validation' to do what's right?

I just want to embrace life, bring love to everyone around me but yet, I have this lump in my throat and constantly harbouring fear.

What's wrong with me??? Why am I 'living in fear'?

Have I changed my preference to suit everyone?

In that process, did I 'hurt' my soul?

This day I snapped, I snapped at myself and I think I don't need a 'validation' from anyone.

Sorry if this is not a cheery post but I guess it has been long overdue.
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