Shanghai, China Maret 2014

First of all, I must give credit to my friend, Halim for sharing all the lovely shots here while on a seminar in Shanghai with my Gang of Ten fellas in June/July 2011 :D

Ah..Shanghai...Shanghai......vibrant city with lots of hustle and bustle.

Here you see the iconic Oriental Pearl Radio Tower with the Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory AT 474 M, world highest observatory.

From the observatory deck, Halim captured some really nice shots. Yes, it was a hot & hazy day. In fact, we came to realize it was the hottest day through our few days in Shanghai. These crowd could easily beat the crowds in Singapore shopping belt - Orchard Road. Shopping and having fun is part of the program as you can see from our big happy smiles and lots of shopping bags kekekeke......

The locals must have thought hmmmmm....a bunch of crazy folks :D

Ohhh...I can jump!! ;-) Yes, we bonded on the dinning table as well.....all smiles still because more to come :) The day we took the fast train to the city centre. As part of the team-building program, we took the opportunity to visit our Company Shanghai Representative Office and get to know our colleagues from Shanghai too :D Look at all the lights Folks! We took the Huangpu River Cruise at night to take in all the bright neon lights along the river bank.
Halim playing with the colour tones of his :D
Now, I shall leave you with the The Bund which is the water front near Shanghai :D

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