Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) Maret 2014

Ok, so I was told - Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is also known as the Grand Canyon of the East and once you climbed this magnificent mountain, you'll never need to climb the rest of the mountains in China. Situated in Anhui province, it took us about five hours from Shanghai (Yes, few days before this hike, was in Shanghai for a seminar) and stayed one night in Tunxi, Anhui.

Before the climb on this grandeur mountain we took the cable car to ascend to the top before the adventure begins. (You can choose either eastern or western ascending point)

As you can see, I fell even before the adventure begins and it was a 'struggle' for me - there.....a pale fake smile with a walking stick and excruciating pain to say the least :)

By the way, most women (young and old) do bring along a walking stick as it was very strenuous with all the steps all over the mountain.

For those too weak to walk, don't panic there's always someone there to lift you up for a fee of course. If I could remember correctly, these folks were charging about 1200 yuan just to bring you up the mountain.

I must admit the view was incredible and the rocks formation were unbelievable with names given to each structure. Lots and lots of pine trees all over the mountains and before reaching the mountains, there was a big advisory signboard that inform no pine trees from other provinces are allow in Huangshan.

Take a look at this.....this is known as 'Monkey looking at at sea' :)
We were fascinated and in awe - take a closer look folks, it does look like a monkey isn't it?
Now this might not seem to be significant but according to the Chinese folklore, it sure means something to them.
There were times whereby I stayed put at one spot and let D wondered around the mountains and he even went to one hill-top which is known as 'Beginning to believe'.

Now possibly that is because upon reaching the top, you are able to 'touch' the peak of the mountain - very cool :)

I love the peace and tranquility if not for the massive crowd - the invasion of tourists and local people were overwhelming which spoils the charm of the mountain. We stayed one night at the mountain so as to catch the sunrise at about 5 am, it was a fantastic sight then again...... I tried to take in the mountain spirit but lo and behold.....human chatters over-powered what is otherwise a peaceful day-break.

Now, overall it was a great experience and seriously I think the authority should regulate and restrict the number of visitors hiking up this beautiful Yellow Mountain before it gets toocrowded.

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