Jaycus' 1st Month Maret 2014


We celebrated Baby Jaycus' 1st Month today with all our relatives and with Lunar New Year barely one week away, it was like a family reunion as we celebrated at the Coca Steamboat Restaurant over at International Building.

Stephanie is full of creativity and look what she did. She snapped some pictures of Jaycus, printed and wrapped them over a bar of kit-kat chocolate as a sweet treat for all of us. Look at that tiny fingers and feet ;)

This is our Chinese tradition in celebration of baby first month, we usually prepared red hard boiled eggs, two ang ku kueh (red tortoise bean paste cake), glutinous rice and cake (here it is the kueh lapis) for relatives and friends.

Here...proud Daddy Clifton and Mommy Stephanie with my Third Aunty :)

And here I'll leave you with Jaycus 'cheeky' brother Jayden who is three years old :D Now they'll have each other to play and share toys with.

I just love babies, they are so cute & huggable and so 'squeezable' hehehe....... :D

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