Coffee Fix Maret 2014

I need a coffee fix everyday!!! It has always been Nescafe Gold or Deluxe and at times, some Mocha coffee from Marks & Spencer.

One of the coffee which I missed most upon coming back from America is Folgers Classic Roast so I was literally jumping for joy (almost) when I saw this at Cold Storage.

It took us quite some time to go round looking for Folgers so I must thank them for bringing in to Singapore. Of late I think I do spot some stock over at NTUC Supermarket too so that's most convenient for us.

Having said that though, yet to find a instant mix so I tend to just grab Nescafe for a quick cuppa but ahhhhh....come weekend, I just love it when D just fix the Folgers for me coupled with lots of lovvvvvvveeeeee :-)

Yawwwnnnnnnnn............. Oops! Need my caffeine now, join me?

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