Mid-Autumn Festival Maret 2014

Today is the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, our Mid-Autumn Festival otherwise known as Mooncake Festival too.

So among the Chinese community it is our tradition to buy mooncakes for relatives and more so among business associates.

Every malls we go to there'll be carts selling all kinds of mooncakes with their fanciful boxes not forgetting the types of mooncakes being sold out there.

I've read the latest craze is the Oreo cheesecake mooncake - eh isn't that just an Oreo cheesecake??

Anyway, talking about the tradition of presenting mooncakes to business associates, my office was 'showered' with lots & lots of mooncakes from suppliers & contractors and just look at the lovely packaging.

There were some very nice tin boxes and colleagues were 'eyeing' for the boxes as keepsake. Most of the time, the mooncakes will be cut & distributed to all colleagues in the office.

I am not a hearty mooncake eater and to be honest with you, I don't crave for them at all.

Through the 'distribution' of mooncakes you can't help but notice the behaviours of fellow workers.

I hate to be saying this, I have seen 'glutton' going for double yolks but really eating more than your fair share is not helping your weight very much I must say.

Next, you'll see 'temporary hoarder' who would eventually bring the mooncakes out when he has had enough ;(

Anyway, talking about human behaviour, I saw the delight and gracious smile when I offered the box of mini mooncakes with walnuts to the drivers, cleaners & tea lady.

Simple act of offering them food can see that they truly appreciate our gesture.

They are the 'forgotten' lot of workers that so many fellow colleagues took for granted in the office. Spare a thought folks! Who serves us coffee first thing in the morning, clean our office & toilets plus chauffeuring us around from one place to another?

Oops.... from mooncakes to ranting, sorry folks!!

Anyhoo, I wanna shared that today being an auspicious day I bought two pieces of mixed nuts mooncake for my late Father. Together with my Brother & Mom, we have a simple prayer this afternoon.

I remembered those days when we were young, we could not afford buying mooncakes at all because it was so expensive and more like an luxury item.

I can never appreciate mixed nut mooncakes then even though I know it was my Father's favourite.

Surprisingly, as I bite into one this afternoon it seems as though Father is just beside me enjoying this Mid-Autumn Festival with us.

Yep, I missed my Father on this day and I hope that today, he gets to 'enjoy' the mixed nuts mooncake that I have specially bought for him....... :')
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