Iconi Formula One Maret 2014

Alright....the Who's Who is gonna be here now that the F1 Cars have started rolling in.

I am not a big fan or rather, I must come clean folks. I know 'nuts' about all these gorgeous high adrenaline power cars.

All that buzz, VA VA VRroom or VA VA Zoom - whatever.

I am not gonna be at the Marina this weekend but Singapore being the host after all these years to stage this iconic world class event, I just have to put this on print :D

And yes, with all the focus on this for sure I'll chill out in front of my TV and watch the race this weekend.

I wish all my friends who are invited to the race to have an enjoyable time :D (Please get a piece of Hamilton for me ya *hint*)

Sorry for fuzzy image but took the shot from the Straits Times and yes, bring on Lewis Hamilton please. Ok I read so much about him that I bet he needs no introduction.

I think I can do a thesis just on Grand Prix for sure after reading all that mind-boggling details from the car features to the statistics of the sportsmen :)

Anyway......look at the Straits Time today folks! Again sorry for the fuzzy image.

Look at this shot!! Yes, Lewis was giving out racing tips at an event at Ngee Ann City and look at the crowds surrounding him.

It is impossible to miss him and possible for everyone to miss that little boy.

While everyone is focusing on this mega celebrity no one notice this small boy at all.

In fact, this little boy caught my attention instead of Hamilton.

He might just be an ordinary boy idolizing his star, being so near a life-size figure. To this little boy, Lewis Hamilton is no longer someone from the TV screen in a fast car.

He was inches away from his star and I am very sure this boy has big dreams.....and to me, dreams do come true.

So with all the multi-millionaires flying in to Singapore on their private jets, splurging their time & money this weekend, I am glad it bring cheers to this little youngster.

I can feel his momentarily happiness just like bubbles in a champagne, it fizzes out fast but as with good champagne the memory & taste is ever-lasting :D

So let's Zzzzzzzzoooooooooooommmmmmmmm and partake in the F1 atmosphere folks :D
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