Garden of Love Maret 2014

Do you have "green fingers"? I don't ;(

I can never understand why I joined the Gardening Society when I was in school hehe...

Yesterday, Morgan (Company Driver) happily came over and invited me to see his Garden of Love :-)

He was so proud of the small little patch just outside the Driver's Room and what a delight.

Couple of months back, he gave me some flower seeds which in turn I gave to my Mom-In-Law as I know the seeds would bloom in her good hands :)

I have no idea what is the name of this but Morgan told me the flowers would only bloom at night hmmmm...that's interesting.

Only two red roses but he was so excited exclaiming its beauty to me. Gosh, it is wrong to think that only ladies appreciate flowers ya!

Next he was asking if he could 'expand' his garden of which I told him to take it slow as situated near a Chemical Plant, you just might not know what's underneath the soil.

Anyway, he certainly made my day already :D

Professional photographer I am not, as I was walking back from his Garden of Love, I looked in front of my office and snapped this. Isn't this beautiful?

I like this too against the backdrop of greens.......Ahhhh..... simple pleasure in life :D

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