Roll In Year 2009 :) Maret 2014

Roll In Year 2009 Folks :D

Let's embrace the 1st day of 2009 and 25 days later, time to welcome the Year of The Ox.

I wanna show you this very traditional Chinese calendar which is much preferred by the older generation here.

We used to receive this free from our office suppliers and usually I'll bring one each to my Mom & Mom-in-Law.

I have never appreciated this until recently (sign of old age?) ;)

No, not really but because it shows our lunar calendar dates as well and there would be times we need to refer for our family prayer.

Bet you don't know that there are dos & don'ts on certain time & days, good luck or bad stuff all written on each day of the calendar.

This is the best I could scan folks - The Race Horsing Calendar. Good for people who bets on horses :)

With this, they will know which day is race day - either here or in Malaysia. Now you know why there are horses printed on some dates ya.

On this note, let's roll in Year 2009 and wishing all my family members, friends & blog buddies Happy New Year with abundance of HEALTH :)

Do away with RESOLUTION folks - all we need is discipline & be focused and I bet you, we'll all achieve whatever we set our mind to :D

~ Ciao ~ Luv & Kisses Always ;)

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