1st Pay Cheque Maret 2014

Quarter of a century ago, before I started my permanent job I was working in this tiny little drug store on the basement of Hotel Equatorial.

The Hotel has since been demolished and now the Equatorial Condominium proudly stands on that site.

My first pay cheque was handed to me by the lady supervisor ~ cash of $280 in a white envelope.

I was ecstatic to get my first pay - I gave $250 all to my Mom ~ Yep!! ALL :)

I only need $30 for transport and I usually have my meals at home.

Much later...I got my permanent job and the pay packet just got bigger and that's when I realised the more you earn you more you spend ;)

I have never been good with money when I was single. I literally splurged all my pay every month without much of a savings due to endless parties & treats to friends.

Well, well......this girl became wiser after marriage and motherhood :)

After working for more than two decades, I am glad that I have 'inherited' good saving habits from D and we are inculcating these to our kids.

We lived within our means and we don't splurge unnecessary so I am glad that over the years savings just come naturally every month.

Still no harm for a little bit of indulgence for me sometimes shopping online or treats with my girlfriends.

What about you folks? Remember to save for your retirement too ya hehe.... :D
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