Fiery Curry Chicken Maret 2014

I love to cook :)

I love it more when my family enjoyed what I've cooked heheheh....

One of the easiest is to cook some fiery hot spicy curry chicken, get ready some cold drinks folks!

There are many methods but the Indian lady that sold me the curry powder (mixed with tumeric & ginger) taught me to marinate the chicken thighs with the curry powder for at least half a day.

So here you see five pieces of fresh chicken thighs chopped into four pieces each.

I also chopped some garlic, shallots, two chilli with one lemon grass and not getting an extra packet of A1 curry paste.

Fried the chunks of potatoes - four or five it's ok.

Next just stir in the chopped garlic, shallots & ginger till fragrant. Don't forget the A1 curry paste of course :)

I bet by now you would have smell the chilli 'intoxicating' your nose coz I can hear my family sneezing due to the pungent stir-frying hehehe......

Add in the marinated chicken, potatoes before adding the coconut milk. I knew some of my friends substitute with milk or even yoghurt but I have yet to give it a try.Cover the pot and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.

Go with rice or toast french loaf - I hope you'll all enjoy my fiery curry chicken.

Let me know when you are visiting me, I'll be happy to cook this for you :D

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