Jadyensaurus & Jacusarus Maret 2014

Lo & behold folks - Here come the J~sarus :D

My Cousin, Stephanie has two energetic & lovely boys ~ Jadyen & Jaycus. They are so hyper-active that I need an extra booze of energy to keep up with them.

Here you have the ever cheeky & playful Jayden, making faces whenever he knew we are going to snap a shot of him ;)

Ta-Dah! Here comes Jaydensarus!! Isn't he cute in that T-Rex costume?

As part of the Book Week in his school, all the kids came dressed in their favourite book character and I think it sure beats those that came in bunny suit, fairy or superheroes :D

Jaydensarus practising his dinosaur move so shhhh.....don't disturb this 'monster' folks heheheh....

And here you have little baby Jacus having a fun time sucking his index finger. Yep! Index :D

He's the baby (about 15 months old) of the family - he sticks to Steph like a 'leech' so you can imagine how hard it is for her to leave for work every morning.
Steph didn't manage to capture his front view but look at this small dinosaur you know it's Jacusarus :)

I think Steph is so creative to call them Jaydensaurus & Jacusarus ;)

My Aunty is full of ideas to sew this dinosaur outfit within a few days. All she did was measure the size of the shirt Jayden is wearing, cut the shape of the triangles and stuff it with newspaper before sewing.

Hmmm....for the next theme party, not a bad idea to dress as Ladysaurus huh? :D

Enjoy the wonderful boys folks - drop by and say hi to my cousin, Stephanie ok?
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