Indian Temple Maret 2014

Living in a multi-racial society here in Singapore means embracing different cultures as well as learning & respecting different types of religion :D

My Union House is situated off the main road of Little India hence the opportunity to be there as well as partaking in different types of Indian food - yum!

Before I show you what I had for my lunch, we passed by this Indian Temple and as usual, intrigued and fascinated by it's intensity of colours.

I have no idea what is the significance of these statues but I took it all within me and appreciated the fine craftsmanship.

I remembered bringing my English friends to the Indian Temple once in Chinatown and was lucky to witness the prayer session then. got this right, we do have one Indian Temple at the back of the street of Chinatown :D

I wish I could zoom in for a closer shot but it was drizzling on this day, it sure looks 'intricate' to me :D

It was a quiet afternoon and I just love the tranquility surrounding this Indian Temple despite situated along the busy Serangoon Road aka Little India.

Have a wonderful weekend folks :D
Indian Temple Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5