Sambal Bilis Maret 2014

Been a busy week folks and sorry if I have not been visiting your blog but for sure I would. I cannot imagine it's coming to third week of May already and all too soon I'm happy that the school exams for the kids are coming to an end ;D

Just want to share with you this Sambal Bilis bun from Gardenia and although we do have the Gardenia bakery here they just don't seem to have this in their production line.

I happened to grab one when I was in Johore Bahru (JB), Malaysia last year and fell in love with this.

I am very much a chili person ~ the spicier, the better ;D

So yes, I do crave for this simple bun.

Sambal is a spicy condiment (chili with shrimp paste) and Bilis is actually anchovies. I think this bun is going to be a hit if they sell this at the supermarket.

So imagine how happy I was when Morgan (our Company's driver) came with two Sambal Bilis bun one morning :)

Morgan travelled home to JB everyday after work and I think he remembered I told him about this and what a surprised.

It was like a comfort food and he just made my day :)

I hope Gardenia here in Singapore would consider baking them since they are experiencing with new varieties of bread all the time.

Hmmm.....I think I'll feedback to them and who knows, it might just trigger the Management's interest ya ;)
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