Flyer Shots Maret 2014

Sorry folks I know this is long overdue after a fun-filled Family Day Out on Saturday.

I couldn't upload most of the photos here so I have to 'tease' you with four shots first :D

We waited till almost 6.30 pm to ride the Flyer on this day hoping to catch the sunset and eventually some night view.

The Sun was hiding behind dark clouds though so it was just as mesmerizing to say the least for us.

As it took about half an hour on board so it was pretty awesome to see all the building gradually light up and all too soon, we manage some beautiful rain shots which was most exciting & beautiful !

It would be pretty romantic to be alone in the capsule on this day ~ Just me & you ;D

I think my Daughter managed better with her photography skill then mine so I'll ask for her permission before I post it in my next blog ya :)

Meanwhile.....I hope you'll all enjoy the ride folks ;D

Flyer Shots Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5