Thru Her Eyes :D Maret 2014

Yep !! Through B I B I A N A's Eyes :D

Do hop over and send some cheers to her folks!!! Bibiana is 15 this year and she has this flair for photography ever since she was young.

Plus many many other stuff that she is really good at as well ....... I'm just her proud MAMA kekekeke.....

As mentioned in my previous post, I managed to upload some of Bibiana's photo from her camera and I think she managed the shot better than I do.

This was just after the downpour I think ;)

Seems so unreal when it comes to black & white shot and I kind of like the 'gloomy' effect of the raindrops.

From one capsule to another, while I'm at this folks.....wouldn't it be nice to have a bed inside and you just sort of lye down and just enjoy this beautiful raining night?

I'm fantasizing....that's perfectly normal hahahah ! :D

This is my two favourite shots - colour & b&w :D

Well, hope you have enjoyed all the Flyer shots folks and that it would entice you to come by to visit us :)

Some photos featured here in my blog were also snapped by Bibiana and I do appreciate her eyes for seeing people, objects, scenery in a different perspectives :)

I love you Sweetie - Thank you for allowing me to share your photos here with my blog buddies :D
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