Lazy Sunday Maret 2014

*Sigh* Maybe it is hormonal I don't know but was feeling lethargic over the super super hot Sunday :(

I think I had literally let Sunday slipped out of my hand.

Apart from doing the marketing in the early part of the morning and my routine ironing, I practically lazed for three quarter of the day!!!!

I did nothing!!! :(

Yep! I was actually really doing nothing ~ well I did read the papers other than that, I was like a couch potato.

This is no good and it is not my best productive day but I suppose I can 'forgive' myself because it was the day 'my best friend' came knocking 'uninvited' Uggggggg...... ;(

*Sigh* Blame it on the hormone & blame it on the cycle folks!!!! Have your 'best friend' visited this month??

Heheheheh....kekekekek.......Me gonna run after this gloomy week folks!! :D
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